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The TIC (Turbo and Instrument Controller) automatically recognises and supports one turbomolecular pump from the nEXT range, plus three Edwards active gauges. Cooling and vent valve support is provided
directly from the controller. Backing pump power is provided for a compact 24V diaphragm pump (on 200W versions only), or where greater pumping speeds are required, mains backing pumps (up to RV12) may be
controlled via an optional relay box.
nXDS and large XDS pumps can be controlled directly via the backing pump connector on a TIC 200. The relay box can also be used to control a mains heater band and backing line isolation valve. Time delays and normal speed signals may be used to control events such as turbo start and there is a comprehensive selection of protection and safety interlock features. The TIC turbo controller may be either rack or bench mounted and provides a useful hub for the flexible operation of a wide range of vacuum system configurations.

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