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The SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) technology, also called FAST (Field Assisted Sintering Technology), enables effective consolidation of pure metal powders, metal alloys, as well as ceramic and metal composites using pulsed direct current The key aspect of FAST technology is the ability to perform the sintering process at a much lower temperature than other available methods. This has a positive effect on limiting grain growth and provides much better parameters of the created materials.The advantages of FAST also include very short sintering time and homogeneity of the resulting material and high energy efficiency associated mainly with the direct generation of heat inside the material. GeniCore U-FAST, thanks to its advanced heating system based on a unique pulse shape allows to achieve better results compared to other available FAST devices. This fact has determined the name of the device hence the name GeniCore U-FAST (Upgraded Field-Assisted Sintering Technology). The tests carried out so far on U-FAST materials open up a number of possibilities in areas where the expected material quality is not achievable with other methods.Current activities of GeniCore have confirmed the validity of the use of U-FAST materials in the tool industry, mining and advanced electronics.

Technical Specifications

Max. pulse current [kA]10
Max. output voltage [V]14
Pulse duration [ms]0.8 – 500
Temperature measurements [°C]RT – 2500
Vacuum [mbar]10-2 – 10-6
Maximum pressing force [kN]300
Max. sintered components [mm]85
Max. diameter of graphite die [mm]200
Additional pause [ms]0 – 999
Number of pulses1 – 500

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