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U – FAST from GeniCore is-a-state-of-the-art sintering machine that represents: the shortest current pulses available on the market, and modular construction with high vacuum.

U – FAST stands out for its: unique current characteristics, multi-point temperature measurements energy efficiency and silent operations. A “single button” and intuitive operating controls make it operator-friendly. Visualization and recording of the process by an integrated HD camera facilitate the analysis.

Modular design of the machine subsystems allows to tailor U-FAST to individual customers’ needs, and to exceed increasing user requirements. Access to the original spare parts with the offered online service for industrial users ensures continuous and efficient operation of the machine.

Technical Specifications

Max. pulse current [kA]


Max. output voltage [V]


Pulse duration [ms]

0.8 – 500

Temperature measurements [oC]

RT – 2500

Vacuum [mbar]

10-2 – 10-6

Maximum pressing force [kN]


Max. sintered components [mm]


Max. diameter of graphite die [mm]


Additional pause [ms]

0 – 999

Number of pulses

1 – 500